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Bouclème is a UK brand of Afro to European curly hair care products, created by Michele Scott-Lynch in 2015.

I discovered it thanks to Rosine, founder of Cohea, a home hairdressing service made in Belgium and dedicated to curly hair. This is a teaser for a future article I'm preparing for you, but for now, let's go back to the Boucleme brand. I've been using it for two years now, so I have enough experience to tell you about it. As a brand ambassador in 2020, I was also able to test other products of the label, such as the moisturizing mask (Boucleme-Intensive Moisture treatment) or the exfoliating shampoo (Boucleme Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo).

I have therefore prepared a small list of the 5 reasons why Boucleme products have become a must-have in my afrocurls routine.

5 reasons to adopt Bouclème

The composition without sulfates and silicones (two components that tend to dry our curls) and all-natural ingredients,

The creamy, non-greasy and rich texture (understand by "rich" that it is not necessary to use a lot to revive your curls),

The content with pots and bottles of 250 to 300 ml (A bottle of 250 ml easily holds 3-4 months),

The branding with a colour associated with each treatment and a desire to celebrate beauty in its singularity.

Their environmental and ethical commitment with 100% recyclable packaging, the payment of a portion of their profits to greening initiatives (=planting trees to compensate for CO2 emissions) or associations such as Malaïka which militates for access to education for women and young people in the Congo.

My top products

  • Le curl cream (pink bottle), leave-in to moisturize and revive your curls on a daily basis. Composition: Shea butter, coconut fruit extract, kukui oil, coconut oil and castor oil Price: 26 euros.

  • l'Intensive Moisture Treatment (purple pot), a moisturizing mask to apply before shampooing. Composition: Marula oil, mafura butter, camellia oil, softening prickly pear oil and wheat bran with amino acids and fatty acids.Price: 34 euros

  • Le Curl cleanser (green bottle) for shampooing. Composition: Argan oil, virgin coconut oil, organic aloe vera, pomegranate extract, spearmint. Price: 22 euros.

  • Le Curl conditioner (yellow bottle). Composition: Virgin coconut oil, argan oil, flax seeds and organic aloe vera leaf, honey.Price: 24 euros

How do I apply the products?

The curl cream is a daily treatment that you apply between washdays. Apply it to your dry ends, section by section (4-5 max.) to ensure that the product is deeply absorbed. For the quantity, a dime-sized amount of cream is fine per section. The intensive moisture treatment is a mask that I apply, before shampooing, on my lengths and scalp. Be careful, if your sections appear white, it means that you have used too many products. I usually leave the mask on for 5 minutes under a heat cap before rinsing my hair thoroughly with water and the curl cleanser. I then apply the Curl Conditioner to wet hair and leave it on for 5 minutes so that the curls can reform. And then bam, we rinse and we are done.

See you soon +, Jen.

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